“When thou saidst  Seek ye my face; My heart said unto thee, Thy face, Jehovah, will I seek.” – Psalm 27:8 Seek+the+Lord

David, cries out to God, Your face, Lord will I seek. Do not hide your face from me. Don’t put me away in anger. So much of David’s attitude toward God is evident in this verse. Ever  wonder God called him a man after my His heart? He said “my heart and my soul cry out for the Living God, when can I come and appear before you”. This is why…David loved God. He wanted to please God, and do all that God asked of Him.

So many times when we know that God wants us to seek Him, yet we do everything else but what He wants of us. The Lord promises those that seek Him that He will be found of them that truly seek Him. Those that seek the Lord will find life and strength. They find all that they were looking for, in fact more than they were looking for. Mary went to the garden seeking the dead body of Jesus, she encountered the Living Lord.

The psalmist says, ‘Early will I seek you. Seek Him early in your life. Call upon Him in the day that He may be found’. If you keep waiting you will find that the time has gone – “the Bridegroom came, and those who were ready went in with Him to the wedding; and the door was shut”. You do not want to hear God say “all day long I have stretched out my arms to a stubborn and rebellious people”  but rather, “enter into the joy of the Lord”. Don’t wait till the end.

In His presence is fullness of joy; at His right hand are pleasures forevermore. There are so many seeking joy, fulfillment pleasure, riches, and so many other things. But Jesus said ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you’. God is the giver of all the gifts; seek Him and we will find all.

So the next time we hear God saying to us “Seek My face” let us respond as David does.

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