Rock School of the Holy Spirit

Rock School Of the Holy Spirit was started in 1995 to provide practical training and a strong Biblical foundation for the next generation of pastors. The first batch graduated in 1995 with 120 trained full time preachers.

Students with a burning desire to serve the Lord are accepted to the school and come predominantly from Rock Branch Churches.

Each student is interviewed by the Dean of the Bible School prior to acceptance and is required to have a basic educational foundation. A pastoral reference or recommendation is encouraged but not required.

During the one year full immersion training course, students are provided the skills necessary to minister and preach the Word of the Lord. Students receive training from the pastoral staff Monday through Friday by means of lecture and classroom discussions. In the evenings, the students are sent out in groups to the surrounding villages where they preach in homes, assembly halls, and on street corners.

Qualified and experienced scholars and Rock Church’s own senior pastoral staff take an active part in the Biblical training program. Upon graduation, the new pastors are ordained by Rock Church of India and are sent back to their communities or to various villages in need.

Over the past years, Rock Church has trained and commissioned over hundreds of pastors through this ministerial outreach. Some graduates have founded new Rock Branch Churches and others are actively serving God in thier own churches.

At present the school offers a 6 Month Intensive Training program for those who are called by God for the ministry. God has blessed the ministry with a great school building and a great library.